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Carrier On-boarding

Sign up

  1. Open the website on the browser using
  2. Click on Sign up.
  3. Enter First Name & Last Name in Basic Details.
  4. Provide a unique Username.
  5. Enter strong Password & Confirm Password.
  6. Provide a Phone number.
  7. Provide a Fax number.
  8. Provide Email.
  9. Click on the Sign Up button at the bottom right.
  10. You will receive an Welcome email.
  11. Our team will review the account and approve it.
  12. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the account is approved.
Note - After your account is approved, you will be notified with email.

Completing your On-boarding process

  1. Open the website on the browser using
  2. Login with Credentials used during Sign up Username & Password.
  3. You will be directed to the On-Boarding details page.
  4. Basic Details are already filled in.
  5. Enter Registered Company Name.
  6. Enter Number of Fleets.
  7. Select Business Country.
  8. Select Address Type, Enter Address in Start typing your location with suggestions. 
  9. If Selected Type Manually, select Country, select Province/State, select City, type Address, Enter Zip Code.
  10. Enter reCAPTCHA.
  11. Click on the Save button at the bottom right.
  12. Now You Can Start using Dashboard.
Note- Yard Address and Bank Address is Mandatory, You can update other fields as per your choice.

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