Maintain your fleet proactively with FleetHawks

Maintain your fleet proactively with FleetHawks

The Maintenance of your fleets, assets etc is as important as your customers because if your fleet is not well maintained it can levy heavy losses on you. It can not only cost you heavily but can also disrupt your business by losing the trust of your valuable customers. The last minute breakdowns or repairs can also lead to delays. Without prior maintenance and proper plans, you can quickly lose the grip of your efficient fleet. Real time vehicle inspections and periodic planned maintenance checks can avoid you heavy liabilities and unforeseen costs.

With Fleet Hawks, you can take real time decisions with our diagnostic reports and preventive maintenance scheduling plus alerts keeps a good check on your fleet health. Any related issues can be taken care of before the fleet is on road. The system fetches the data from the vehicle's engine to monitor whether every aspect is working fine or not and alerts the driver prior of any incident.
Now your mechanics can have a look at their Fleet Hawks Dashboard so they can work on the priority issues and prevent delay. This also lets the business operations flow smoothly by keeping your troop up to date with all the information.

You can also investigate the various other reports related to fuel usage, harsh braking, acceleration to be aware of the condition of your vehicles and identify inefficient behaviors of your drivers. The idling cost can also be reduced by 50% via the defined coaching programs for your drivers.
The Fleethawks dashboard also gives you the insights on maintenance service logs and costs so that you can keep a check on your accounting, any issues related to the service quality etc.
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