Keeping our Trucking industry safe with FleetHawks

Keeping our Trucking industry safe with FleetHawks

The trucking industry has always been a backbone of our booming economy by transporting almost 80% of cargo and providing almost 8% of full time employment opportunities. During the covid-19 situation around the world, it was only the truck drivers who stepped up to deliver all the essentials amid lock down.
We are also aware of the fact that trucking is one of the most vulnerable and dangerous jobs in the world despite the emergence of numerous technologies. One wrong move and you can get your life and business on the stake.

Keeping all these things in mind, the truck drivers safety has become the utmost priority for every commercial fleet and the governments have also laid down certain compliance for CMV vehicles to establish road safety for drivers.

With the help of new technology, Fleet hawks have been able to automate all the fleet operations efficiently, thereby, making the life of driver much safer and easier on roads.Now you can get 360 overview of your fleet operations and tremendous amount of data to extract information from. Coaching high risk fatality, proactive prevention from collisions can save lives of millions of truck drivers and civilians with telematics. The advance dash cams help you record activities on the road and provide instant feedback to the respective stakeholders.
The COVID-19 situation has highlighted to the importance of this industry which was often disregarded. Adjusting to the new ways of life would not take away the casualties occurring everyday on roads. So it is the high time to take all the CMV drivers seriously and focus more on technologies which can actually make their lives easier.

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