How FleetHawks can help you to reduce operative expenses?

How FleetHawks can help you to reduce operative expenses?

COVID-19 has presented our Fleet industry with the most challenging times ever as most of the businesses are looking for various innovative ways of cost cutting. Fleet Hawks is working delicately to help you through this.

Fleet Hawks has a huge success rate in reducing the Detention time cost of fleets which is over $3 Billion per years and hence can be a cause of decrease Revenue and turn over. Also, by showing you the insights on expected wait times of any new load can be broken down in front of you easily through the system. By showing you all the maintenance schedules and necessary check in advance, the on road breakdowns of the vehicles on road can be prevented. These breakdowns can cause heavy losses due to delays or unforeseen repairs especially while carrying sensitive loads which is totally eliminated via our system.

As Fleet Hawks provides the compliant ELD system so that driver's hours of service and other logs can be easily tracked, therefore, this has lead to reduced accidents because the drivers will have to obey the HOS guidelines and will not push themselves further to get the job done. Hence, the risk of accidents can be minimized.
Our utilization reports measure much any vehicle or asset as used within any time frame so that you can identify the vehicles and assets that can be sold without significantly impacting your business which results in the reduction of your expenses.

One of the significant operating expense i.e. fuel is also conserved through our system by reducing the idling time of engines. Most of the vehicles have an idling time of 1 hours each day which could lead to a huge amount of money in a year. Therefore, the best way to benefit out of your business and run operations smoothly, it's better to automate as much as possible with Fleet Hawks. For further details, you can reach us out on our website.
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